Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hans-Peter Klein and family visit to United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Hans-Peter Klein is a teacher and historian in North Hessen whose passion is German Jewish History, understanding it, documenting it and preserving it.  He is a 2014 winner of the Obermayer German Jewish History Award (See earlier blog post) for his broad range of activities.  He has touched many lives, helped many families and made many friends.  Mark Gordon of Maplewood, NJ is one of those friends.  In October, Hans-Peter, his wife Vera and their son Justin visited the Gordon family as they have done in the past.

Sandy-Speier Klein, a cousin of Mark's wife and another of Hans-Peter's friends and beneficiaries decided that she would take a couple of days while they were in the USA to take Hans-Peter and family to Washington to see the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.  What she didn't tell Hans-Peter was that she had prearranged with Arthur S. Berger, Senior Advisor, External Affairs of the museum, a special welcome for their visit on October 18. This surprise included the opportunity to meet several museum staff members and two Holocaust survivors, Bob Behr and Henry Greenbaum.

Samy Klein, Sandy's husband, shot and produced the following video of the meeting.  Hans-Peter discusses a variety of topics including how they teach the Holocaust in North Hessen, and the placement of Stolpersteine, individual memorials to Holocaust victims placed in the sidewalk by their prior homes. Then Mr. Behr and Mr. Greenbaum commented on their own experiences.  This is followed by an interchange of all the participants.

This video is a chance to understand, first hand, the accomplishments of Hans-Peter Klein.

The museum's web site:

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