Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Impact of the Holocaust

Below are links to six documents, researched and prepared in 2012, detailing 600+ members of my family who were murdered or lost in the Holocaust and a list of those whose whose fate was unknown.  An update is planned for 2014.  Sadly the list of victims is now over 850.

An interim list is in the blog post dated 26 Apr 2014 Family Members who perished or were lost in the Holocaust

This project was undertaken to provide my grandchildren and generations beyond a sense of the Holocaust that is personally meaningful, to help them understand what their family experienced. 850 can be greater than 6,000,000 given the perspective of the devastation on one connected German family.

The danger to German Jews after the Nazis took power was clear. The circumstances of the time set huge barriers to those who sought to escape, leaving many trapped, but many, like my parents, were fortunate enough to find their way out of Europe.

In Eastern Europe the danger to Jews was less apparent;  the warning to run heard by few.  As a result, Eastern European Jewish families were likely impacted much more severely than mine, with a much smaller chance of a survivor's child left to document their fate.

Never forget.

  1. Impact of the Holocaust on the Descendants of Salomon Speyer (b ca1660),  Moses Katz (b ca1670),   Joseph Plaut (b ca1590 in Vacha)  Jeremias Katz (b ca1720)

  2. Impact of the Holocaust on the Descendants of Isaak Gumpel (b bef1750 in Wiesbaden)  including the Baer Family of Wiesbaden,  the Hirsch Family of Mandel, the Schoenfeld Family of Stein-Bockenheim and the Steinhardt Family of Flonheim

  3. Impact of the Holocaust on the Wirth Family of Gemünden, the Mayer Family of Argenschwang and the Loeb Family of Steinbach

  4. Impact of the Holocaust on the descendants of Jakob Moyses and Sara of Meudt

  5. Impact of the Holocaust on the Descendants of Elchanan Rosenbusch of Borken,  Jonas Cantor of Riede and Levi Gutheim of Ungedanken

  6. Impact of the Holocaust on the Descendants of Re'uven of Neuwied (Aron Family),  Hirsch Heilbron of Frickhofen and Michel Moses of Frickhofen (Michel Family)

Dennis Aron Ancestor research interests [] Surname Town Abraham Puderbach Aron Neuwied, vicinity Gudensberg, vicinity Riede Ascher Homberg Baer Wiesbaden Berg Brohl Bockmann vicinity Wachenbuchen, Maintal, Mandel Cantor, Kander, Kantor Ziegelberg Riede Daniel Rengshausen Gella Vicinity Poppelsdorf, Bonn Goldschmidt Borken (Hessen) Gumbel Wiesbaden Gutheim Ungedanken Heilbrunn, Heilbron Dornburg, Frickhofen Heinemann Ziegenhain, vicinity Ungedanken Haium Meudt Isaak Quirnbach, Meudt, Selters Hirsch Mandel, Bad Kreuznach Jakob Muedt Jacobi vicinity Neuwied Kahn Flacht, vicinity Kellenbach Kanter Guxhagen Katz Obervorschütz, Guxhagen, Riede, Gudensberg Katz-Adler Guxhagen, Gudensberg Kaufmann Poppelsdorf, Bonn Kugelmann vicinity Riede Leisser vicinity Borken (Hessen) Levi, Levie, Levy Obervorschütz, vicinity Mandel, Vicinity Poppelsdorf, Bonn, Steinbach, vicinity Bosenbach Loeb Steinbach, Bosenbach Mayer Bosenbach, Argenschwang Michel Koblenz, Immendorf Plaut, Plaut-Koenig Fulda, Vacha,Obervorschütz, Soden, Neuenbrunslar Poley, Boley vicinity Neuenbrunslar Rosenbusch Borken (Hessen) Samuel vicinity Wiesbaden Schoenfeld Maintal, Wachenbuchen, Mandel, Stein-Bockenheim Schöngen Vicinity Poppelsdorf, Bonn Siemon vicinity Gudensberg Speier, Speyer Guxhagen Stern vicinity Borken (Hessen) Theia Nidda, Wetteraukreis, Neuenbrunslar Wirth Gemünden 


  1. Dear Dennis,
    In your document #1 above, which I found very interesting, there are some relatives mentioned. My grandmother's maiden name was Cohnheim and she was born in 1879 in Gleidingen, Niedersachsen. Fortunately she and my parents got out of Germany in time, so they are not listed.
    However, there are a couple of Cohnheims mentioned.
    One line (in reverse order) starts with Edith Katz, born 1933 (pg 76), whose mother was Ilse Cohnheim, who was born in 1903 in Gleidingen (pg 25). Ilse's parents are not identified.
    On page 153 is Rudolph Plaut, born in 1910 in Niedersachsen whose mother was Paula Cohnheim, about whom there is no information.
    So the question is what information do you have about the parents of Ilse Cohnheim and Paula Cohnheim. Maybe the father of Ilse and Paula were siblings of my grandmother, about whom I know little.
    If you can provide any information, it would be appreciated. I know there are many sources and I just dabble in this a little, but I though you might have some information readily available.
    Thomas Klee
    Please reply directly to

  2. Re prior comment:
    I just realized that Paula Cohnheim is mentioned on page 25 as born in Gliedingen in 1881, so he is almost surely my grandmother's sister.
    Nonetheless, any further information about the Cohnheim family from Gliedingen would be appreciated.
    Thomas Klee